ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 | artisspectrum.com
Collector / Illinois:
The concierge
at The New York Palace Hotel.  I was
just planning to wander through
some New York galleries, and voila!
V. Lyn:
I learned about the gallery
through a very dear friend, Ellen
Mann, a close associate of Claude
L. Foo:
I was strolling along the
streets in Chelsea, and came across
the gallery. I spoke to the gallery
director as well as staff from Agora,
who were all very helpful and warm.,
which made the purchase a pleasant
Do you have any other comments?
C. Clews:
I continue to enjoy this
piece of art and it has surprised me
with its changeability.  When sit-
ting down to write this response my
daughter was beside me. It was lovely to hear her comments on how the painting made her feel and as I reflected on
another thing she said – “it makes you happy when you are in a bad mood” – I thought she is absolutely right, I love it and
it makes me happy.
V. Lyn:
I’m very happy that I purchased this piece of artwork.
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