ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
think it is fair to say I fell in love with the piece and where it would go in advance of  knowing the price, always danger-
ous – but as I buy art for pleasure and investment I think it is important to first love a piece.  In commenting on the price
I was actually pleasantly surprised.
Collector / Illinois:
The painting appeared to be made for the space above the fireplace in our family room.  I liked that
it brought in new color influences.
V. Lyn:
Style, color, size and price didn’t really influence my selection.
The colors certainly resonated with me, but as for the price I thought it was going to cost much more, so I was happy
about that.
L. Foo:
This is a giclee print hence it is much more affordable than any of the artist’s original works, yet nonetheless, a
noteworthy piece. The colors are simple and elegant, and the warm tones leave a very soothing feeling. It came gorgeously
framed, and now sits nicely in my apartment.
Did you have a particular space in
mind for the artwork before you
purchased it?
C. Clews:
Yes, absolutely. As I men-
tioned, the space was the wall behind
an antique day bed that I bought
when we were living in Singapore.
My home has an Asian feel to it and I
wanted to use this painting to  com-
pliment the area, and to bring a more
contemporary  feel to the living
room amongst the Asian furniture
and ornaments.  Due to the elongat-
ed shape, it framed up my day bed
Collector / Illinois:
We definitely
needed a larger work for this space,
but we weren’t searching for some-
thing at the time.  It all just came to-
V. Lyn:
No particular space. It re-
quired a special space as I have so
many different types of artwork.
L. Foo:
Yes, it had to be where house guests can enjoy the painting as well.
Were you familiar with the artist before you made your selection?
C. Clews:
I was not familiar with her work until I saw her art on display in her home and as soon as I saw the piece, I knew
it was right for my home and the way I wanted to frame up the daybed.
Collector / Illinois:
No, but I have enjoyed learning about Nelida Diaz de D’Amato, and why and how she creates her
V. Lyn:
No, I was not..
L. Foo:
Not at all. However during the purchase, I had the luxury to speak to the artist about his works and have learned a lot.
Does the artwork still resonate with you and why?
C. Clews:
Yes, it does, as it changes throughout the day depending on the light, so I always find it interesting.  I like art
that you can look into. My 7 year old daughter made the comment that “it sparks up the room. It is not old so it will be as
beautiful as when we bought it, it is like a shining star during the night, that is why we love it”
Collector / Illinois:
I believe Human Nature will always resonate with me.  I don’t think I could have commissioned a paint-
ing that would have been so spot on.  It will forever bring joy to my heart.
V. Lyn:
The artwork still resonates with me. I recently just returned from China - Wudang Mountain studying Tai Chi with
the Wudang Priests, a truly majestic and magical place and “Unbound” gives me that same feeling!
L. Foo:
Always. It reminds me of how fond I am of New York City
How did you learn of Agora Gallery?
C. Clews:
I connected with Agora Gallery though my interest in purchasing this painting.  I then took the time to look at a
number of other artists work’s there and found a number of pieces that I really liked and in fact still have one on my wish
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