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Something about it touched me in a profound and beautiful way / It reminded me of the many summers I spent with
my family visiting the beach / I felt that it was calling me in a way / We had to have it / It helped me to understand
what sacrifice really means / My decision to purchase the painting had something to do with the death of my mother
/ It enchanted me from the very first time I saw it.
Why are we drawn toward one piece of art and not another? It is as though the artwork, be it a painting, a photo-
graph or a sculpture, is at the moment of connecting with it, recognized as a missing part of you. A part that carries
a profound desire, a void which can only be filled, like Klimt’s embrace in ‘The Lovers’, through the acquisition of an
unforgettable, must have, work of art!
Artworks and Collectors:
Doha Coloured Balls Gold DCBGA11
by Jennifer Pinder
in the collection of
Human Nature
by Nelida Diaz de D’Amato
Collector / Illinois
by Claude Charlebois
in the collection of
V. Lyn
Woman and a Martini Glass
by Todd Krasovetz
in the collection of
L. Foo
Why were you attracted to this particular artwork?
Collector / Illinois:
I was immediately attracted to ‘Human Nature’ as it reminded me of the joy felt by our three children
when they play together.  It was a perfect fit in terms of our children’s ages and the dynamics of their relationships.
V. Lyn:
My immediate reaction was how at peace and serene the woman was, and then as I really started paying attention
to the beauty and rapture of the work it transported me to that feeling of an enlightened tranquility.
Did you first see the artwork on-
Collector / Illinois:
No, it was in the
V. Lyn:
L. Foo:
How did the style, color, size and
price influence your selection?
C. Clews:
The style and color influ-
enced me greatly as it resonated with
a memory of when I was younger, of
old fashioned carnival colors.  The
size was a key factor as I like big piec-
es and  had a particular space that I
wanted to fill.   What was pleasing
was that the shape being oblong,
it  complimented the area.
When I saw the painting I was not
aware how much it would cost, I
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