ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Ariane Blais
The Project ScolioTIK is a project that is dedicated to raising funds for idiopathic scoliosis research while educating the
public and raising awareness. I work in collaboration with numerous individuals affected by the condition. Recently, I was
able to draw great inspiration from one of these individuals whose life was saved by a surgical operation. The surgery this
patient underwent aims to straighten the spine by fusing one or two metal stems to the front of each impacted vertebra.
I used the x-rays to create multidimensional images, which became the start of my new series, The Project ScolioTIK 1st
The Project ScolioTIK 1st Series incorporates a diverse scope of mediums such as plaster, acrylic and epoxy. Some of its
paintings contain pieces of metal shrapnel that highlight the war-like intensity of the struggle of individuals with scoliosis
who undergo surgery. I mix color and texture by incorporating a variety of materials to illustrate the uniqueness of each
scoliosis patient’s story. The whole series is presented on traditional canvases, but also on wooden mounts.
We have teamed up with The Ste-Justine UHC Foundation and will be launching this series in the spring of 2013 as part of
a special fund raising event for Scoliosis. I am very excited to be holding this visually stimulating event where the works of
art will be available for purchase by auction, and all proceeds will be donated to further Scoliosis research.
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