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As for the trip, our original plan was to begin a trek over 12 days with the objective to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp.
Unfortunately, this was not possible, as on the morning of our arrival in Kathmandu, we found that 19 people had tragically
died on a flight to Lukla, the place used as a starting point. This tragedy, in addition to poor weather conditions, meant we
had to make some tough decisions regarding alternative options. As a team, we decided to redirect our objective to reach
the Annapurna Base Camp instead, which we did over a period of 12 days. On our return, 3 of the 10 people, including
myself, elected to remain in Kathmandu, and to fly into Lukla via helicopter, where we made a 9 day trek to Mt. Everest
Base Camp.
Between the two treks, a distance of over 250 kilometers was hiked, and while this experience was incredible, it was far
surpassed by the beauty of the people, their kindness and the helping hand they held back to us to ensure that our journey
was one with memories to last a lifetime.
Annapurna Trek
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