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Gaby Hahn
My interest in Africa is longstanding; my husband and I traveled extensively throughout Africa and bought our first small
farm in South Africa in the early seventies; in 1997 we acquired Mugie ranch (
), a 50,000 acre ranch
in Kenya on the high plateau of Laikipia, ca 180 miles north of Nairobi, where we also live for part of the year.
What started as a farming venture combined with coexisting wildlife, Mugie ranch has become a major center for predator
studies in preservation of the delicate ecosystem: half of the farm is now completely dedicated to a wild animal sanctuary,
protecting endangered animals like lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, the rare Grevy zebra, and many more.
Mugie plays an integral part in the local economy, employing many and providing medical care to the surrounding tribes.
The ranch is proud to house the Mugie Primary School, a primary school with grades K – 8, which my husband and I built
and funded to benefit the local community. It has grown from 50 to well over 150 children, and from the worst to the best
in the district. We have not only made a home for 20 physically handicapped orphaned girls, but have sent the graduating
class to boarding schools at the secondary level and/or to trade schools. All of the proceeds for the sales of my paintings
support Mugie Primary School.
I am fascinated by the African landscape, by the animals and the various tribes. I sketch and write during my visits and
my paintings develop from these sketches. I attempt to bring to life Africa’s light, atmosphere, its tribal customs, the hard
work of its people, their deep connection with nature, their dignity and evident joy of life.
The Humanitarians
Meet three special artists whose contribution to a humanitarian cause has brought welcome relief and assistance to
people in need.
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