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Yasuyuki Ito
or most visual artists, severe eyesight problems
would be an insurmountable obstacle in the path
toward realizing their artistic vision. But
’s interior world is so strong and colorful that it has
allowed him to create paintings in which bright shades,
strong lines and dynamic compositions combine to
form an appealing, unique universe. Starting with what
he calls “the original beauty of the color,” he creates
images that bring mosaics or stained-glass windows to
mind. He simply but subtly mixes his paints in a way that
gives every separate shade a vividly three-dimensional
appearance. Each dot or band seems to glow with a
light that comes from within.
When these individual blocks of color are put together,
compositions of surprising depth and complexity
emerge. The dynamic relationship between all of the
layers and levels of space give the canvases a sense of
constant motion, a flow that juxtaposes nicely with the solidity of each separate unit. That combination succeeds in
bringing the interior world that is so important to the artist vividly to life. As opposed to depicting an outside world in
which “material wealth” is the only source of values, he strives to make “art which connects with richness of the heart.”
Dancing Butterfly Oil on Canvas 36” x 46”
razilian artist
Dani Cortez
finds inspiration in the colors, shades
and brilliance of the natural world, which she harnesses and
layers into her splendid abstract paintings. Through the build-up of
acrylic and oil paints, applied using a variety of techniques including
monoprints with lace, she achieves an effect akin to trapping light
beneath a translucent surface. Her works glow with both vibrant and
muted tones that seem to emit an inner light that breaks through
between areas of thick pigment. She cites the influences of Gerhard
Richter and Mark Rothko, and the parallels between her compositions
and the latter’s Color Field works or the former’s striped and vivid
squeegee paintings are quite apparent. Cortez adds formal touches
like grids, quasi-Pointillist dots and cloud-like forms, which add texture
and definition to each piece.
Her manner of accumulating layers and stripping or scraping them
away creates unexpected patterns and shapes that give her works the
rich character of a gothic ruin, with structures falling away to reveal
gloomy interiors and sun-splashed exteriors. This effect transfixes the
viewer and makes for images that are sparkling and animated from
a distance and, upon closer inspection, full of exquisite details and
unexpected flourishes.
Untitled 2 Mixed Media on Canvas 51” x 39”
Dani Cortez
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