ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
allow myself to work freely and expressively,”
Marissa Mule
, “in the heart of the moment,
without any references.” That sense of openness
extends across all the aspects of the artist’s work —
from her ingenious use of a wide variety of materials,
to her bright color palette, to her distinctive painting
style and sense of composition. Working with acrylics
and house paint as well as Japanese paper, duct tape
and such found materials as wine corks and bottle
caps, she creates works with a strong surface energy
and texture. Mule’s painting style is highly physical and
dynamic. Often using a pouring technique to apply
her paints, she creates vibrant “drip-like” patterns that
add to the feeling of spontaneity in her work.
But that spontaneity is expressed in precise, geometric
terms. Early in her career, Mule discovered her ability
to use line and movement to unique effect. “I found,”
she notes, “that through color, texture and composition, I could depict free-flowing lines by using different skills and
techniques to create patterns, line quality and geometric shapes.” In that combination of emotion and order, she achieves
a highly personal style. “In my paintings,” she says, “each line, drip and collage expresses emotion. My paintings are an
escape into freedom.”
Shattered Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 36” x 48”
Marissa Mule
s he creates images of wonder and delight filled with a surrealistic
Jesús Uclés
draws inspiration from the art of Picasso,
Miro, and other Modernist artists while discovering a path which is
purely his own. Self-taught as an artist, Uclés brings a freshness and
purity of expression to his paintings, unencumbered by the boundaries
of rules and traditions. 
The artist’s style is playfully bright and appealing, drawing viewers
deep into the marvelous mysteries of his imagination. Building
a brilliant dream world inhabited by curious birds, animals, and
humanlike forms, these paintings come alive in an improvisational
dance of color and freedom.
Uclés builds his art in acrylic paints, latex, ink, and watercolor on paper,
occasionally adding elements of mixed media to give extra meaning
and texture to his vibrant surfaces. Creating his works without any
preconceived ideas, he allows his lyrical narratives to develop
organically in an energetic outpouring of vitality and life.
Born in Valencia, Spain and currently living in Barcelona, Jesús Uclés
studied Civil Engineering and now works managing the department
of Road Maintenance High Capacity. He has received much attention
for his art in recent years, with numerous group and solo shows and
wide exposure through posters and publications.
Perfil de Crisis Acrylic & Mixed Media on Paper 27” x 20”
Jesús Uclés
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