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ebbie Klein
’s dazzling prints combine the best of graphic design,
landscape photography, and vivid post-Pop Art imagery to make
a body of work bursting with energy. Klein’s works can be simple – two
or three strokes of color, arranged in a beguiling geometric pattern –
or elegantly intricate, with layers of crisp photos woven in with non-
representational flourishes. Urban facades might be cropped to become
graphic symbols in and of themselves, lined up and tinted to highlight a
single tone or light effect. Elsewhere, bare treetops may be used as a black
and white pattern upon which Klein can spread sprawling, translucent red
circles: one of nature’s textures meeting a manmade texture. The artist
encourages us to realize that visual rhythms are everywhere in modern
life, from the sequence of windows on an overlooked building to the
vivid graffiti on a wall. Klein’s unique method of mixing, augmenting, and
re-purposing her original photography is itself a way of finding patterns
in an utterly contemporary medium.
Klein was born in Oklahoma and currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She
considers her work to be an exploration of the many different kinds of
Vertical City 1
Digital Print on Aluminum Substrate 60” x 40”
Debbie Klein
eresa Cabo
’s paintings exude a passion for both the
environment and people of her native Uruguay. In her
portraits of her country’s people, she says that the goal
is to “reflect with figurative shapes the diverse cultural
manifestations of my country.” And while these paintings
vividly bring her subjects and their culture to life, that
is far from their only source of appeal. Cabo’s distinctive
brushstrokes create dreamily textured images that lend
the people an iconic status, while remaining thoroughly
realistic. Placing her subjects against slightly mysterious
backgrounds, the artist makes the most of her ability to
subtly manipulate contrasts between light and dark. The
resulting works have depth and lushness, a tactile sense
that gives them a physical power.
Cabo also makes mixed media works that celebrate
nature. She incorporates recycled materials into those
images to materialize her concern “for the care of the environment.” These works exhibit the same dynamic range
and powerful balance of colors as her portraits. The two threads of her work form a unified whole, making a strong
statement. For Cabo, the opportunity to express her ideas is one of the things she loves most about painting. There
is a quote of Albert Einstein’s that she finds inspiring: ““Art is the expression of the deepest thoughts, in the simplest
way.”” Cabo, in turn, has developed this idea. “I believe,” she says, “that art can be an instrument of change.”
Transformación Permanente Mixed Media on Canvas 16” x 20”
Teresa Cabo
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