ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
achel Hamburger
’s delicately wrought oil
paintings hinge on the balance between specificity
and universality. Hamburger’s specialty is in probing
perspective and playing planes off of one another. Her
studies of monolithic buildings hovering over covered
arcades and flimsy laundry lines flying against multi-
hued facades highlight the fundamental geometry
of urban life. A door, slightly ajar, creates a sudden,
splayed line, a curtain billows unexpectedly, and the
canvas becomes a pattern energized by its contrasts.
To intensify the sensation that everything in view is
connected within a single fabric, scenes and objects
are framed tightly and the color palette is subtle and
scrupulous in sticking to a central naturalistic light
Within such meticulous detailing and editing of
information lies the other side of Hamburger’s
atmosphere: the specificity. Through layers of
observation, she creates cityscapes that put the
viewer in a particular moment of time in an almost-
recognizable place, even while drawing attention
to the formal aspects of the work. With this skill of
precision, Hamburger moves freely between times
of day, crowds and emptiness, and large and small
spaces. She is equally adept at exploring the spatial
texture of rural settings, in paintings of wooded paths
and the dense canopies of life that make up a forest.
These close-up glimpses of nature act as an intimate
take on the landscape tradition.
Hamburger, a self-taught artist who has also worked
with photography, was born in Tel Aviv and currently
lives in Pardesiya, Israel, where she serves as the
CEO of Portofino Coffee in addition to creating art.
She describes painting as both a serene refuge from
the busy day-to-day and “a musical journey filled
with vibrant colors and movement which voices and
expresses my thoughts and feelings.”
Rachel Hamburger
Rachel in her Studio
Laundry on a Wall Oil on Canvas 24” x 47”
Laundry Oil & Charcoal on Canvas 47” x 47”
“my work is a musical
journey filled with vibrant
colors and movement which
voices and expresses my
thoughts and feelings”
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