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y work is intended to be a refuge,”
says of her colorful paintings,
“a world of simplicity and whimsy, where beauty
never fades and where magic is tangible.” Using
acrylics in a rainbow of bright shades on canvas,
Doucet has a talent for creating realistic imagery,
but she is not confined by traditional notions of
realism. The balance she finds between realism
and magic is what gives her paintings their power.
She says that she is aiming for “an exaggeration of
the beauty experienced in our physical world,” and
that exaggeration takes on many forms in her work.
Houses swoon on their foundations, skies glow with
an otherworldly aura and boats sail on a sea of grass.
But Doucet’s sure sense of composition and ability
to render a variety of textures convincingly make her
magical world one that the viewer can believe in.
The intense colors in her works are strongly tied to
a humorous, childlike undercurrent. There is never a sense of unease about the distortions in her images. Rather, they
express the artist’s freedom and her ability to create engaging scenes in which anything can happen. “Even though the
works are somewhat surreal,” Doucet says, “I am told repeatedly that it still ‘feels like home.’”
The Old Switcheroo Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 30”
Tania Doucet
orking across media using deconstructionist
techniques and mythological references,
Marie Gailland
creates work both enticingly familiar
and tantalizingly inscrutable. Gailland depicts open-
ended imagery in a swirl of ambiguous atmospherics
in order to create a narrative that rejects a neat
conclusion. In her abstract work, a few simple shapes
connect on the canvas, while around them roars a
color wash, built textures, and a maze of painted
shadows. A field of black and beige is broken up by
a single pinpoint of red, suggesting everything from
a sunset to a detail of a Braque painting.
In her figurative work Gailland is even more intricate.
Her work is infused with an all-encompassing
vigor that captures movements and interactions
seemingly as they happen. Each composition calls
for a different emotion, every one conjured with
sensitivity by the artist. Depictions of horses recall ancient cave paintings. A diverse body of self-portraits shows the
delicacy of Renoir in one piece and the visceral energy of Goya at his darkest in the next.
Gailland was born in Martigny, Switzerland, where she continues to live today. She works in acrylic, pastel,
oil, photography, video, writing and a variety of mixed media.
Les Pavots Acrylic on Canvas 51” x 75”
Marie Gailland
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