ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Hara Hiroshi
apanese artist
Hara Hiroshi
mysterious, surreal, and entirely organic
images using Japanese Sumi ink and hand-
made Washi (a special kind of Japanese paper).
Raised by a father whose job was to create
the Washi paper with intense care, Hiroshi has
drawn on his heritage and made this trademark
paper a centerpiece of his work. Indeed, his ink
drawings convey a beauty and warmth that is
reflective both of Hiroshi’s cultural lineage and
a deep respect for the natural world.
Part of the genius of Hiroshi’s work is the way
he carefully balances and limits his brushstroke
work so as not to detract from the beauty of the
Washi itself. He begins with various transparent
brushstroke lines applied in a rhythmic motion,
and then expands on those lines with delicate
shading and texture. Through this subtle
approach, the artist is able to pay tribute to
the beauty of the paper, and the medium in
turn enhances his art by welcoming light into
the image and then diffusing it. As Hiroshi
elaborates, “The paper and the ink work
together to create the work I have in mind.”
A hallmark of Hiroshi’s work is the expression
of great beauty captured in the midst of utter
simplicity. Inspired by the graceful and subtle
lines and forms of the natural world, Hiroshi
strives to use the simplest technique and the
least amount of color to express feelings of “speculation and meditation.” It is here, in this space, that the viewer is invited
to re-experience familiar themes and tropes in utterly new ways, to find the magic in natural phenomena. In the end,
Hiroshi hopes that his art inspires his viewers to reconsider their relationship with nature and to remember the importance
of living and working in balance with the natural world.
Autumn Equinox
Sumi Ink on Paper 71” x 36”
Summer Solstice
Sumi Ink on Paper 71” x 36”
Hara in his Studio Hara making Washi
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