ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Forest Digital Print on Canvas 35” x 47”
luidity and rhythm in
Marisol Rosas
’ work mark intuitive and stylish
movements which use technology as a means of expression to
bring the artist’s inner vision to life, creating colorful imaginary worlds.
Tension between background and foreground becomes palpable, as
the prints vibrate with animated vitality, darkness and light which invest
these intricate abstractions with an astonishing richness of depth and
tone. Linear movements found in these works move erratically through
the composition, creating a lively composition that gives complexity
and visual interest. Rosas’ works are currently printed on canvas, but
she has also used other printing materials such as copper and handcraft
paper, as part of her search for a different form of expression.
Marisol Rosas
race Arledge
produces work in a wide variety of styles, and her
choice of media ranges from colored pencil to acrylics, and from ink
to watercolor. She paints architecture, people, landscapes, flowers –many
different subjects pique her interest and inspire her to make a statement.
Her goal is to convey her enthusiasm for her subjects to others. “I use
representational art so the subject is ‘in your face,’ she explains. “I want
people to see the world through my eyes… I want to convey joy, humor,
nature, beauty, and a glimpse of the soul, since sometimes these things
are lacking in our modern world.”
Grace Arledge has participated in exhibitions in Chicago and Atlanta,
and she plans to pursue a degree in the fine arts.
Grace Arledge
nnaMaria Critelli
’s playful work relies on free-flowing patterns,
unexpected materials, and otherworldly colors to create movement
through light and space. Critelli crafts textures both two- and three-
dimensionally. She begins with a central motif – swirling lines or a certain
repetition of colors – and modulates tone on top with subtlety and a
willingness to experiment. The next layer, of what she calls “rawmaterials
and embellishments,” can comprise anything from glass beads to shards
of patterned plastic. Each mix of materials is unique, to best reflect the
work’s emotional truth. When it is representational Critelli’s work is
inspired by the natural world, from the mingled shapes of butterflies in
a flower field to a figure surrounded by stars.
AnnaMaria Critelli was born in Jersey City and has exhibited across the
United States.
Oil & Acrylic with Mixed Media on Canvas 24” x 30”
AnnaMaria Critelli
Garden Grove, Bahamas Watercolor on Board 16” x 20”
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