ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
6) For the young at heart, Central Park is home to a collection of bronze
Alice and Wonderland
characters as well as a
statue of Balto, the famous Alaskan canine hero. On
East 74th Street
, children often can be found climbing on the larger
than life Alice and friends, from her beloved adventures in Wonderland. Artist Jose De Creeft designed the Alice collection
in 1959. The work was commissioned by George Delacourte, who wanted the Lewis Caroll tale never to be forgotten and
thus provided a new way for children to experience it
7) Sculptor Fernando Botero cannot disguise his oversized semi-Mannerist style. His work is known for its voluptuous
curves and over-exaggerated, plump human forms.
Adam and Eve
, the Botero sculptures located in the
Time Warner
Center at 60 Columbus Circle between 59th and Broadway
, are no exception.
Adam and Eve
were created in 1990,
and have large, round curvatures that attenuate their bulbous stomachs and stalky arms. For the more risqué tourist, it’s
common to have a photo taken next to the statues. Apart from unique tourist traditions, viewing Botero is an experience
all on its own. The sculpture’s use of curves and lines pulls the viewer’s eye along the beautifully smoothed bronze in a
mesmerizing way. Columbia native Botero moved to New York in 1960 after spending some time in Spain. He came to refer
to himself as “the most Colombian artist of artists.”  There are Botero pieces sprinkled throughout the city at various art
auctions, such as the
Smoking Woman,
which was sold to a private buyer at Christie’s, on 59th Street. The region around
the Time Warner Center and statues, Columbus Circle, is great for walking on a sunny day
8) Looking for a lesser-known art destination in Chelsea? Marco Brambilla’s
is housed in a space not com-
monly checked for exhibitions — the elevator of
The Standard Hotel located at 848 Washington Street
. Hop in and
go for a ride up and down the 18 floors to get a little taste of Heaven and Hell. Civilization is a video mural inspired by
 and specifically made for The Standard Hotel. The video takes elevator passengers on a trip starting in the
depths of Hell and ending on the top floor at the gates of Heaven. Guests make the journey up the building and through
Purgatory, to the gates of Heaven, where they are let out to sip wine on the rooftop in paradise. Outside of the elevator
and the pits of Hell, the immediate neighborhood is always full of life. This part of Chelsea is also a fertile crescent of great
little restaurants and bars, Sea Thai being one of them
9) Natural soil is not a commonly found element in New York, except when it’s an art project. In 1977, Walter De Maria
The New York Earth Room
. It consists of 280,000 pounds of soil spread across 3,600 square feet of floor space.
This is the third earth room the artist assembled, the idea having originated in Germany. It is the only one out of the three
that is still open. The New York Earth Room,
535 W 22nd Street
, opened in 1980. It was commissioned by the Dia Art
Foundation, which still maintains it to the present day. The room is meant to be a sculpture of internal earth. Visitors are
not allowed to enter the exhibit, but may observe and remember the importance of protecting the planet. After a visit to
the New York Earth Room, an exploration of SoHo’s great collection of boutiques and local eateries will most assuredly lead
to the discovery of more temporary art exhibits along the way
10) Robert Indiana’s
 sculpture has come to
be a copied symbol all over the world. The origi-
nal, however, was designed in New York. It has be-
come an iconic pop art image for weddings and
similar events. During his first campaign for of-
fice, President Obama asked Mr. Indiana to create
a HOPE version of the sculpture, maintaining the
same shape and form of LOVE. Indiana first be-
gan playing with the idea for LOVE in 1958 while
experimenting with the arrangement of some let-
ters in poetry. Eventually he produced paintings of
the idea which the MoMA commissioned. The ‘LO”
rests on the bottom “VE” portion of the sculpture,
giving it unique meaning and structure. A version
of the
sculpture still stands in New York at
6th Avenue
, and is not only a hot spot for
profile-picture hunters, but also exists as a wonder-
ful testament to New York’s public art scene, and
the impact it has made on public art around the
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