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5) From the flea markets and subway performers to the coffee shops and sparkling stores, Union Square is another perfect
taste of the New York experience. Presently, passers-by can view a chrome sculpture of Andy Warhol. Madison Square Park,
a few blocks north of the square, always has intriguing projects in the works. Just take a short walk through the downtown
region, and it would be hard to miss the large 3D mural on the building facet of
One Union Square South. The Metro-
was designed to remind passersby of the intangible elements of time. At first glance the circular waves of brick and
smoking hole in the center does not announce that it is depicting a metronome. Gold surrounds the hole in the middle and
extends out into the brick in a splash-like effect. The arm of The Metronome comes diagonally through the piece resem-
bling a stick that has created a ripple effect in a pool of water. To the side of the metronome is a digital counter counting
the 24 hours in the day while at the same time subtracting the day’s remaining time. The Metronome is one of the largest
privately funded art projects in the history of New York, totaling 3 million dollars. Over 200 project ideas were screened
before selecting this work by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel
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