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There are times when a museum setting is just too limiting. Walls, roof, and a floor can leave a viewer feeling constrained.
New York City is a place defined by its freedom. It’s a place where people of both genders feel no shame in walking down
the street sporting neon hair and twenty piercings. It comes as no surprise that just like its fashion, New York City’s public
art is uniquely unrestrained. The city is, arguably, 
 icon for the public art world. People often forget that, along with its
thousands of temporary exhibits, which get most of the art world’s attention, New York is home to a diverse collection of
permanent public art, from graffiti to Picasso sculptures. For visitors with a limited amount of time, the seemingly unend-
ing list of options can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a list of 10 of some of the best public art exhibits around the city in
mixed locations and media.
1) Although crowds of tourists usually surround it, and often try to get a picture with their head between its legs, the
Street Bull
is one of New York’s more obviously iconic pieces and worth a visit. The Bull, which stands at
1 Bowling Green
near Broadway
, has gradually adopted different meanings over time, from a confident embodiment of the capitalist work
ethic to an oppressive beast charging over the 99 percent. Whatever the connotation, the Bull now stands as the face of
the larger Financial District. It is one of the only artist funded public art projects in the city. Italian artist Arturo Di Modica
dropped his Charging Bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange, with a complete lack of regard for city permit laws. The
sculpture is 11ft tall and 16ft long made of 7100lbs of solid bronze. The bull represents power and strength and is now a
by Kelsey Golder
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