ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
he lush, emotive abstract paintings of German artist
Elisabeth Schael
are as spontaneous as they are profound. Working
with a variety of materials (including acrylic paint, pigments, stone dust, chalk, ink, and sand) and using brushes,
sponges, and the spatula, Schael dedicates herself to developing and pursuing unique creative forms that join elements of
color, line, and composition in new and unexpected ways. Rather than committing to a particular style or technique, Schael
allows her creativity to flow, unleashing a visual world of raw expressionism and deep emotive renderings.
Schael’s approach to her art is highly versatile, meaning she seeks to play with the process to find the technique and
media that best fit the mood or emotive element she is trying to convey in the piece. Each painting is done in phases
(with a single painting taking several weeks to complete), which results in a layering effect that adds depth and interest to
the composition. Brushstrokes are elaborate, and colors add additional emotional elements. Schael explains her process
as such: “I see my works as snapshots. I find clues and
experiment with ideas. By mixing different techniques
and materials, I am able to find my own creative form of
mixed media.”
When confronted with a Schael painting, the viewer is
transported to another world altogether. While glimpses
of recognizable forms can be seen in each piece, the
emotionality of color, line, and brushstroke works to
distort the familiar and open up new experiential spaces.
It is here that the viewer is invited to see and experience
the veils of perspective and emotion that ultimately
color and define the way humans come to experience
the world in which we live.
Elisabeth Schael currently lives and works in her studio
Art-Schael, in Großbundenbach, Germany.
Elisabeth Schael
Skyline 2 Mixed Media on Canvas 31.5” x 31.5”
Skyline 1 Acrylic on Canvas 31.5” x 31.5”
Elisabeth in her Studio
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