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talian-Dutch artist
Lucien Stilss
has created a unique
artistic universe characterized by dreamlike references,
and a distinct mix of eroticism and spirituality. With a
focus on the female body and its relationship with
both the natural and spiritual planes, Stilss merges
decidedly modern, recognizable portraits of celebrities
and other notable personalities with a traditional Italian
Renaissance approach and style. A hallmark of her art is
a careful attention to detail combined with a freedom
of execution that renders the painting more fantastical
than figurative and adds a surrealistic element to the
overall effect. Indeed, to Stilss, “Every painting is a door,
a door that allows us to go into a fantastic world.”
Working primarily with oil on canvas as well as with
other experimental techniques, Stilss strives in each
piece to capture all the beauty there is to be found in
the human form. To her, the human spirit is contained in
human shapes, particularly the eyes. Colors are muted
and much emphasis is placed on line and form, which
draws attention to the figurative aspects of her portraits.
In this way, Stilss is able to “represent people, looking
for their innate divine beauty which comes from God.”
But what perhaps is the most memorable aspect of
Stilss’ paintings is the way that modern pop culture is
juxtaposed so naturally against a backdrop filled with
recognizable Renaissance themes, palettes, and forms.
Background creatures seem to emerge from a dream
world, with nymphs, angels, and mythological creatures
populating the canvas. The effect is not jarring but
rather poignant, infusing new layers of meaning into
the tableau. Here, the viewer is invited to question
what they know, to begin to find new relevance and
interconnections between modern and antiquated
modalities of expression.
Lucien Stilss
Lucien Stilss
Leonardo Di Caprio With Dog Oil on Canvas 50” x 59”
Prince William Oil on Canvas 47” x 51”
“Every painting is
a door, a door that
allows us to go into a
fantastic world.”
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