ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
The Studio – a peaceful room with a view of the sea at the bottom of the garden
The garden behind the house has a steep hill with a wind-
ing path and at the top there is a spectacular view up Loch
Long and the Clyde Estuary. I am surrounded here by end-
less coast, dark pools of deep water, mist and fog. When the
sun shines, the water on the sea turns soft, hazy turquoise
and porpoises skip along in graceful arcs. The colors re-
mind me of the dreamy visions of Monet’s “Water Lily Pond”
and blues of Renoir’s water in “The Skiff” and “Le Pont de
Chatou.” On stormy days, the palette is black and white with
waves crashing on the shore, and the wind blowing fresh
and strong; it takes my breath away.
The house itself is quaint and charming with decorative
cornicing, etched glass windows and a winding staircase.
It hints of Charles Renee Macintosh and the Arts and Crafts
movement, which was blossoming in Glasgow in the latter
half of the 19th century. The main bedroom is breathtaking,
I only had to step into the room to know that I belonged
here with the water and the history. The room has a large
bay window reaching almost to the floor with sloping roof
panels on either side. Waking up in the morning and see-
ing the rising sun sprinkle a rainbow of colors on the water
spurs me on to just grab my camera and rush to the nearest
I have always had a passion for Impressionist painters, so
it seems very fitting that this place was built around the
time they were coming into prominence. Perhaps, who
knows, maybe some early work was done here. There is a
spirit here, of people who loved art; the house they created
has individuality that speaks of an artistic heart and soul.
At that time, photographers and painters mingled, and it is
easy to imagine them walking the coastline, color wheels in
hand, debating how to capture the elusive and captivating
Scottish light.
Like me, perhaps they were entranced by this space, now
my space and my passion until the next artist comes to live
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