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S t u d i o S pa c e s
: Ly n n e D o u g l a s
I always dreamed of living near the sea… the sound of the
waves on the shore, the relentlessness of the tide, the nev-
er- ending drama of the sky and moods, as varied as my
own, an intoxicating mixture.
In 2011, I spent six months searching for an old house over-
looking the sea with a big garden and space for a studio —
a place to inspire, a place to create and a place to breathe.
I traveled up and down the coastline of Scotland in my
search and finally found it in the little village of Blairmore,
a ferry ride from my hometown of Glasgow. The place is
an old villa built in 1860 when the village of Blairmore was
a holiday destination for rich Victorians coming by paddle
steamer in their crinolines and paisley shawls; the grand old
Waverly still comes in the summer months. Now, on quiet
days, at the little pier near the house, all that can be heard
is the sound of gently slapping waves, oyster catchers and
echoes of times gone by.
Room for an Art Lover – a quiet refuge of inspiration and illumination
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