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Q: Your Flight series is so compelling, can you tell
me what it symbolizes for you?
series followed the
Everyday Landscapes
The bird became a frequent recurring symbol for
freedom - physically, mentally and spiritually. Painting
is a statement about visual reality rather than reality
itself. These were in fact an interpretation of reality.
Q: What came after the Flight series?
Denim jeans, jackets, and wearing apparel were the
subject of my next exhibition. I experimented with the
concept of fabric revealing more about the subject.
This gave me a new visual literacy; the jeans being
the symbol in that decade. They defined a more
relaxed way of life. A great deal can be learned about
people just by looking at their clothing.
Q: I am fascinated by your interest in dogs, what
can you tell me about that?
In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and this
influenced the subject of my next exhibition,
This exhibition was centralized on this theme and
the interaction of their innate characteristics with the
environment and with human and social behavior.
Subsidiary to this theme is an attempt to understand
the vandalism of graffiti. My motivation is the
challenge to integrate the subject matter with my
medium. In my painting of “Monument to Freedom”,
I place my own dog, a German Shepherd, together
with graffiti, using the dog and his shadow to create
an ambiguous relationship between the dog and the
space which it seemingly occupies. The graffiti appears in the background but some of the letters extend over the animal.
The color creates the atmosphere and the mood of this painting.
My motivation
is the challenge
to integrate
the subject
matter with my
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