ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Q: What is your philosophy of art?
Painting is not something I do, it is a way of life. Each artist is a distinct individual whose work will exhibit his or her own
particular set of assumptions, sensibilities and mannerisms. I found it was necessary to rid myself of the tyranny of the
object as it appears and free myself of the restrictive and blunted disciplines.
Q: What was your earliest professional artistic experience?
I started my career designing stage sets and costumes for the theater, but painting became my real passion. Primarily, I
am a painter. I explored the subject of the visual background of everyday lives in the series
Everyday Landscape
. They were
abstracted and reconstructed and were my personal response and perception of the contemporary scene. I began fusing
the figure with the environment; I was trying to create a dynamic continuity in space. In these early works I became aware
of “light” - seeing light bouncing through a window onto objects in the corner of a room. This captured my attention and
this abstracted light structure has followed through all my future compositions.
Although my first interest was painting reality of form based on the re-interpretation of natural form, I later turned to
graphics (serigraphs) which was highly successful. This facilitated a new development of hard edge painting which I
abandoned after finding it too limiting.
Spotlight on
Berenice Michelow
Berenice in her Studio
By Angela Di Bello
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