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he acrylic on canvas and paper paintings of American artist
Mark Salevitz
are at once impressionistic and surreal, taking recognizable subjects and
forms and transforming them into magical realms filled with color, shape,
texture, and a depth of emotive expression. Each piece is expressively
dynamic and full of movement, both capturing the essence of the subject
and leaving plenty to the interpretation of the viewer as he or she encounters
and experiences the work.
There is a strong Southwestern influence on Salevitz’s art, with elements of
both Mexican and Southwest landscape art genres included in his paintings.
Many works are in fact based on places the artist has had the opportunity to
visit and the unique cultures he has experienced, as well as on many of the
pets his family has adopted over the years. What results is a combination of
impression and memory, leading the viewer ever inward to find the many
meanings contained within the bold lines and forms that compose each piece.
Salevitz’s paintings are at once light and airy yet contained, with a strong
emphasis on geometric form. The brilliance of the colors he uses help to
emphasize these forms and they draw the eye across the page. Compositions
are flowing and expansive, transmuting familiar scenes into something
magical and otherworldly. Indeed, in his work Salevitz is able to capture the
essence of his subjects through the medium of stunning color, to bring to life
the intangible elements that lie just below the surface. As he explains, “I try
to capture the spirit of the subject [through the] use of bright, vivid colors.”
Mark Salevitz currently lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he is also
a pediatric ophthalmologist.
Mark in his Studio
Gatekeeper Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 24”
Inside Looking Out Acrylic on Paper 24” x 18”
Mark Salevitz
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