ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Max Werner
he stunningly realistic paintings of Belgian
Max Werner
offer a sense of
immediacy and freshness, as well as the power
both to evoke a sense of time and space, and to
invite the viewer into that particular moment in
time. Werner hopes to convey what he felt when
he saw and experienced the landscapes being
depicted and to encourage the viewer to reflect
on what personal meanings might be discovered
there. In each painting, colors are lush and free,
compositions are balanced yet interesting, and
the use of light and shadow lends depth and
meaning to the overall effect.
For Werner, there is a sense of adventure and
freedom when creating his paintings that enables him to flesh out his realistic approach, to go beyond what is before him
to introduce a sense of story and at times even Surrealism into the tableau. It is the surrealistic aspects that Werner finds
particularly interesting, appreciating as he does the humor and sense of absurdity that is engendered as a result. As he
explains, “It is this one step away from reality that is fascinating, a juxtaposition of things, which sometimes also nearly
occurs in real life, that attracts me.” It is here, in the depths of unexpected reality, that Werner’s paintings find their deepest
Max Werner currently lives and works in the northeastern United States.
Desert Police Station Acrylic on Canvas 25” x 35”
he pleasure of playingwith colors and textures
is my main focus and passion,”
says of her work, and that pleasure is reflected in
the artist’s open, light-filled paintings. She creates
works that unite a broad range of media with an
assured painterly hand and an exceptionally strong
sense of color. In each of her paintings, she works
through the various intensities of a few basic
shades, generating a surprising amount of drama
and variety from a focused palette.
“My technique,” says VéroniKaH, “is a continuous
research of new visual effects never seen before.”
Usually starting out with acrylic paints on canvas,
she builds many-layered images that include such
materials as liquid stained glass, ink, ultra-shine
varnish and lead thread. But it is not simply those extra elements that give her works their texture and depth. Calling the
spatula one of her “basic tools,” she applies her paint in thick, lush waves, giving her canvases a sensuous, tactile quality
and sense of movement that is then expanded by the other materials she uses.
A self-taught artist, VéroniKaH animates her sharply-conceived visions in style and color with freedom and spontaneity.
“Most of the time,” she says, “I let my intuition decide what to do.” This sense of freedom reflects the added dimension the
art receives from its role as therapy in VéroniKaH’s battle against anorexia. In November 2012, she was awarded the First
Place Jury’s Special Prize at the CAPSQ 29th International Visual Art Gala.
Triomphe Acrylic & Ink on Canvas 40” x 60”
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