ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 | artisspectrum.com
By Benjamin Sutton
Photography by Keith Butler
instantaneous triumph promised above
for better or
remains but a fantasy. Not unlike creating a masterful
artwork, achieving respect, success and fame in today’s art
world requires countless hours of hard work. It also takes
establishing and nurturing relationships with the right people and
groups, and surrounding oneself with like-minded creators and
thinkers. Finally, it takes a not-negligible amount of luck, and at some
point every artist who has made the jump from good to great has
been helped along by factors completely beyond her or his control.
No sure formula for a successful career as an artist exists; indeed, even
the definition of what constitutes a “successful career” is different for
every artist. Nevertheless, a keen understanding of the factors at play
and the agents influencing them are essential to building a rewarding
artistic career.
How to Become a
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