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Vanida Amiot
he Abstract Expressionist paintings of French-Indian artist
Vanida Amiot
celebrate the mystery and majesty of the
process of creation while exploring the very depths of meaning that have come to define our human experience. Born
in India and adopted by a French family around the age of three, Amiot has long been entranced by the longstanding
traditions and artistic beauty displayed by both cultures.
Inspired by a wide range of movements – from Realism and Pop Art, to Fauvism, Cubism, and Surrealism – Amiot
has developed a unique artistic style all her own. Her rich palettes of color pulsate with emotion, creating ambitious
compositions both expansive and ethereal. The acrylic paint (which Amiot calls “the paint of the moment”) is thickly
applied with lush brushstrokes, adding texture and depth to the overall effect.
Each of Amiot’s paintings blends the visible with the invisible, inviting the reader into what she calls the Lair of the Worlds:
a parallel dimension filled with the dreams, colors, and scents that simultaneously compose the human heart and wound
the soul. The layers of meaning in each piece run deep. Over her career, Amiot has been driven by a passion for Greek
mythology, and one can trace the symbolism of the timeless legends of mortals and immortals that is also woven through
her work.
In her artistic process, Amiot doesn’t so much paint what she sees or feels but rather engages directly with the paint itself,
so that “it’s the paint that captures my emotions and describes to me what to do.” Thus, the process becomes completely
intuitive and dynamic, guided moment to moment by the way the paint happens to fall, be absorbed, and is drawn across
the canvas. For Amiot, this is where she is able to truly delve into the Expressionist moment, to uncover the essence of
what it means to be creative and also what it means to be human. It is here, in this diaphanous world where the invisible
is made real, that Amiot begins the endless process of uncovering and understanding the mysteries that surround our
human consciousness. As Amiot explains, “Creation for me is, in fact, not only a revelation of the real or imaginary world,
but it is the condition of humanity.”
Promethee Ou La
Legende Du Feu
Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 22”
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