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David Costello
’s soft pastel on paper works,
the unifying factor is a vividly realized sense of
light. Whether through the subtle shades of a
horizon or a spiritual, otherworldly radiance, the
artist turns light into a physical force that shapes
the landscapes and people it comes into contact
with. But while the power of light dominates,
it is the balance between light and dark colors
that gives his work its sense of motion and
drama. Combined with a strong sense of line
and composition, he uses those juxtapositions of
shades to create energetic arcs of motion, always
directing the viewer’s eye toward the light, and
the moment of transcendence.
Costello says that he is “contemplative by nature,” and while there is certainly a sense of stillness and peacefulness in his
work, the feeling of striving toward a goal that one sees in his images is what gives them their unique power. While a part
of his inspiration comes from the outer world he depicts, Costello stresses that his work’s most important aspect is the way
in which it reflects what comes from within him. “A successful work of art, in my opinion,” he says, “is one that draws from
the spiritual and in turn touches the spirit within the observer.”
Longing Pastel on Paper 26” x 45”
David Costello
love the bold and bright colors of nature,”
Darlene Adams
says, “and
the movement of that comes when I paint.” The bold colors that she
loves and the sweeping movements with which she applies those colors
to her canvases are central to her striking, expressive works. She says that
the palette knife is one of her favorite painting tools, and using it gives the
surface of her images a unique energy. Working in oils, which she loves
for their texture and “rich, deep colors,” she creates moody, enveloping
images that take the power of her style and colors and temper it with a
surprising feeling of peacefulness.
In Adams’ paintings, nature and the urban landscape are filtered through
a consciousness that is sensitive to the smallest details, from the texture of
leaves to the outlines of skyscrapers against a neon-colored city sky. But
equally important is the way in which she incorporates those details into
patterns of her own design. The artist transforms the world she depicts
into scenes that come across as dreamscapes, environments shaped by
her own inner spirit. Adams calls herself an “experiential painter,” one who
paints by feeling the subject matter around her. That intensity of feeling,
vividly communicated, makes her images unique.
Look To The Skies Oil on Canvas 36” x 24”
Darlene Adams
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