ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
aurizio Yorck
uses acrylics to capture the shifting
colors and shimmering light of urban landscapes.
His mission is to draw attention to the beauty of cities
and to portray the delicate emotional landscape that
hides behind the veneer of harsh indifference. “Very
often we live in a near-hypnotic state, following a
well-trodden path through the same city streets. What
we miss is the beauty around us that arises from a
particular light in the moment, from a sudden storm,
from a colored umbrella and other shifting factors,” he
explains. “Streets are the frame; whereas lights, color
and people become the main actors in my dreamlike
vision of the city.”
Yorck shakes viewers out of complacency with his
paintings, causing them to reevaluate their everyday
experiences in a new light. Using high contrast and
a limited palette, he creates liquid reflections on cars and street surfaces that come together to form a magical vision of
urban life. While his work shows the influence of the Impressionists, his distinctive style is all his own.
Yorck was born in Naples, Italy, and he currently lives in Rome. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, and
he has received many awards.
Murotorto District Acrylic on Canvas 28” x 40”
Maurizio Yorck
wide array of media are used to create
’s striking paintings — from pencil and
ink to oils and casein paint, on surfaces ranging
from canvas to paper and cardboard. But the thing
that unites all of her images is her consistently
adventurous approach, one that employs
intense colors and a focused sense of movement
and composition. Potter works in the Abstract
Expressionist tradition, citing such artists as Rothko,
Pollock and Frankenthaler as influences. Like those
painters, Potter is more interested in leaving a vital,
vivid impression in the viewer’s mind than in making
images that line up precisely with preconceived
ideas of representation, She stresses that she is
“not trying to be like anyone else, just available to
whatever is spinning inside of me on the day and
hour that I pick up the brush or palette knife.”
Potter adds that her approach is to “lay color on andmove paint around until something emerges.” That sense of spontaneity
gives her paintings a freshness and unpredictability. Because of this, the process of “reading” her paintings is an active,
challenging one. It is essential for her that the experience of viewing her paintings remains constantly new, and the energy
and skill she puts into those paintings makes that a certainty.
Flying Feet Acrylic on Canvas 18” x 24”
Rosanne Potter
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