ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
Hamilton, Bermuda
by Huguette Vincent
Bermuda is a 21 square mile semitropical paradise situated in the Atlantic Ocean, and a two hour flight from New York City will
land you on our beautiful pink sandy seashores. Rest assured, however, that Bermuda is much more than its beaches. This
small cluster of islands is packed with art galleries and studios and art activities abound all year round, celebrating the excel-
lence of Bermuda’s artists, who are often inspired by the incredible range of blues and turquoises in its waters.
Some of the most renowned and well frequented galleries are The Bermuda Society of the Arts (BSOA) and the Bermuda
National Gallery, both located in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. The Bermuda Society of the Arts (BSOA), often
referred to as “The people’s Art Gallery,” hosts approximately 50 shows per year exhibiting an array of artistic styles, ranging
from traditional to modern/contemporary. The Bermuda National Gallery, on the other hand, is home to Bermuda’s national
art collection. The permanent exhibits include paintings by island artists, as well as European masters like Gainsborough
and Reynolds. It also houses African masks and sculptures, as well as photographs by internationally known artists, such as
Bermudian Richard Saunders (1922-87). The fine and decorative art pieces in the Bermuda Collection reflect the country’s
multicultural heritage. Located at the far western tip of the island, and equally as interesting, is the Bermuda Arts Centre at
Dock Yard, which offers a forum for local contemporary artists. Centrally located and nested in the Botanical Gardens is Master
Works Museum of Bermuda Arts.
StemsiArt, by artist Karl Sternath, in partnership with Barracuda Grill, one of Bermuda’s most popular restaurants, has created
an informal art gallery in the restaurant’s establishment. It is an arrangement with advantages for both parties. Barracuda’s
management is thrilled to have beautiful art adorning their walls, and StemsiArt benefits from the exposure. StemsiArt has a
similar arrangement with a local dental office, Smiles Inc., where a number of art pieces are on display.
In addition to its galleries, Hamilton offers a number of art related activities, one of which is Bermuda Art in the Dark, a unique
event combining good food and art appreciation. It uses restaurants as exhibition spaces or art galleries. Here, patrons can
have something to eat while viewing the work of local Bermuda artists. The event also allows collectors the opportunity to
buy a special piece.
In summary, art enthusiasts will discover creative enjoyment and inspiration in the most unexpected places in Bermuda – it
can be found in the incredible shades of its waters, the clarity of its skies, the soothing pinks of its beaches, the lush greens of
its foliage and even in the friendliness of its people.
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