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Armageddon. Thinking Movement
Mixed Media on Canvas 24” x 35.5”
ola Lonli
mixes global iconography, mysticism, and real-life
cultural figures to create intricate images that layer pattern with
surreal representation. Using paints which she makes herself from
mineral pigments, Lola begins with a straightforward central image
— a lakeshore, a figure floating through space, Billie Holliday’s
face — and surrounds it with exuberant, dancing line motifs. These
multicolored patterns both adorn and break free of this grounded,
relatively realistic first image, in an expression of the unique energy
and tone of that person or place. In capturing a feel rather than a
literal moment, Lola sheds light on the invisible.
Lola was born in Russia and continues to teach and exhibit there.
Among her most important influences, she counts “a respect for
the heritage and spiritual achievements of the multinational human
Lola Lonli
erry Kindley
’s lyrical mixed media paintings are both unassuming
and deeply complex. Kindley is motivated by what he calls “a rhythmic
flow of color language,” an idea influenced by Abstract Expressionism
and the seen and unseen parameters of light and hue in nature. Through
his treatment, a rain-streaked window becomes an alternative rainbow
of ghostly colors. A field of flowers becomes an ocean of smoldering
yellows, grays, oranges, and greens, all depicted as fluid streaks that
spark each other like energy currents. Though the work is abstract,
purposeful movement and stillness are apparent.
Kindley was born in North Carolina, where today he maintains a horse
ranch in addition to painting. His distinctive painting technique allows
him to manipulate paint solely by hand, with no instruments.
Botanical Garden
Mixed Media on Masonite 72” x 72”
Terry Kindley
really fell in love with the art and magic of photography through
digital cameras,” says
Patricia Gilman
. A self-taught photographer,
Gilman uses the sharpness and intensity of color that shooting digitally
provides to give her images of scenes, ranging from intimate views of
nature to panoramic cityscapes, a heightened physical presence. With
a strong sense of framing and composition, she expertly focuses the
viewer’s attention, creating photographs that put the eye in motion, but
also have an appealing sense of quiet and stillness.
Gilman is always pushing the boundaries of her art, looking for other
means of expression to add to her photography, from hand painting
directly onto an image to Polaroid Transfers. That sense of searching and
discovery results in work with a unique sense of life and energy.
Blue Eyed Icelandic Pony
Digital Print on Fine Art Paper 18” x 27”
Patricia Gilman
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