ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
iscovering and creating harmony within the complexity of her
Sonal Raje
delves into an inner emotional landscape
filled with turmoil and wonder. These expressive abstractions open a
dialog in color, finding freedom in the fluidity of the brushstrokes as
the artist celebrates the unexpected turns her art develops. Working on
paper and canvases with a variety of tools and techniques, Raje builds
her surfaces in acrylic paints, allowing her intuition to direct her mark in
contrasting layers of pigment and texture.
After earning her diploma in Applied Art from the Sophia Polytechnic in
Mumbai, India, Raje began her career as a graphic designer. Now living
in Guelph, Canada and working as a professional artist, she exhibits her
art globally in both solo and group shows throughout Canada, Europe,
and India.
Downpour 2 Acrylic on Paper 20” x 26”
Sonal Raje
abrizio Valle
’ paints with oils, acrylics and watercolor to create
intense, colorful, dreamlike images that lead the viewer deep into
each piece. His brushstrokes are carefully placed to evoke a strong
sense of movement within each painting, and he renders his paintings
with great attention to detail to create an illusion of depth and space.
“To be creative is for me an interior necessity,” Valle’ explains. “My
artwork is metaphysical and [inspired by] Surrealism.” Although his
work tends toward abstraction, there is typically a hint of reality to
latch onto in each piece, which is part of what makes his work so
compelling and intriguing.
Fabrizio Valle’ was born in northern Italy. He currently lives and
works in Amsterdam, and his work has been featured in numerous
Fabrizio Valle’
Sun Behind the Hill Acrylic on Wood 24.5” x 24”
Dream Escape Acrylic on Canvas 50” x 44”
atiana Davidov Romo
uses acrylics, oils and mixed media to create
atmospheric, impressionistic visions of the world that cause viewers
to pause and take note that they are looking at something extraordinary.
Her primary mission is to intrigue viewers. “I want to make you look, to
make you think, to make you question,” she explains, engagingly. “My
intention is to evoke emotion in the observer, for you to be moved, for
you to be touched and unforgettably affected by what you see.” The
artist achieves this by incorporating unusual shapes, raised textures,
color, and 3D effects that come together to form a memorable whole.
Tatiana Davidov Romo was born in Russia, and she moved to Canada
after graduating from college. Her Eastern European heritage has shaped
her perspective and influenced her work.
Tatiana Davidov Romo
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