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ussian painter
Uriu Veselik
creates compelling, memorable
visual images as energetic as they are beautiful. Working
primarily in oil in a style defined by a fascination with texture and
color, Veselik captures a variety of subjects, from figurative portraits
and nudes, to expansive landscapes and intimate glimpses of the
details of nature. Applying thick layers of color characterized by an
intensity of brushstroke, Veselik lends a physicality to his paintings
that transforms the two-dimensional surface into an expansive
space of three-dimensional depth.
A hallmark of Veselik’s work is the degree of movement and barely
harnessed energy contained in each piece. As the viewer confronts
the painting, the eye cannot help but be engaged in constant motion
as it attempts to absorb the many facets and layers captured within
each sophisticated composition. Even the areas of shadow provide
little respite, as they are filled with unexpected hues and tones.
What results are vibrant compositions that seem almost alive.
Veselik has been influenced by a number of artists, including Klimt,
Monet and Hodler, and like these artists, he is able to combine great
visual beauty with a distinct profundity of meaning. A boldness of
color, richness of texture, and complexity of form come together
to expand the elemental visual characteristics of his subject and
also to explore the deeper significances hidden within. There is an
element of searching contained in each piece, as though Veselik is
attempting to penetrate beyond the surface to see what there is to
be uncovered and perhaps unearth those latent energies that so
often go unseen. Regardless of whether the painting depicts the
female form or a forgotten landscape, these works are rife with
meaning, inspiring the viewer to look a little deeper: within the
painting and perhaps within the self as well.
Uriu Veselik
Village Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”
River in the Village Oil on Cardboard 15” x 18”
Winter Park Oil on Canvas 20” x 14”
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