ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
n her oil andmixedmedia paintings, Russian artist
Elena Shorokhova-Gayun
combines decorative
surfaces with figurative and abstract elements
to create multi-faceted images rich in visual
complexity and symbolic depth. Compositions
lend a sense of balance and order, accentuated
by a masterful use of color meant to enhance the
pervading sense of pattern that characterizes her
work. What results is a distinctive original style
that merges bright colors and a strong use of
geometric line and shape to create a unique art
form blending the past with both the present and
the future.
Shorokhova-Gayun draws on a range of artistic
influences to define and expand her work,
including the more modern Op-art and Art Deco
styles, as well as the tile art of the 15th through
19th centuries. Yet what really makes Shorokhova-
Gayun’s paintings stand out is her use of light.
Using a rare technique that ensures her paintings
look beautiful in diverse lighting, she is able to
capture subtle shifts of light in a more decorative
piece or the bold glare of the sun. In each image,
the illumination seems to come from within.
Shorokhova-Gayun’s images are replete with
symbolic elements, giving them deep meaning
and rendering them full of emotive power. Her
ornamental compositions draw from a variety of
sources, including fantastic, mythological, and even grotesque creatures, to majestic lions and more traditional birds, fish,
and woodland animals. Elements of heraldry and the ancient traditions of the nobility are woven throughout each piece,
lending an air of antiquity and history to the overall effect.
Elena Shorokhova-Gayun currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Her surname Shorokhova has been passed down to
her through three generations of Russian artists.
Elena Shorokhova-Gayun
East . Harem . East Bazaar Diptych Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas 39.5” x 118”
Elena Shorokhova-Gayun
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