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Bharati Sagar
Back to New York after ten years, but the thrill is still the same as the first time! Lovely weather! There’s a chill in the air alright, but once
you have your coat on you are ready to hit the streets.
You wish that you had your art materials and could paint all that you see, but time is short, so you just take in all the colors, and make
a mental note of all the picturesque scenes that you are going to sketch, once home.
At Agora Gallery in Chelsea, my exhibition opened, and it was so wonderful to meet other artists from distant parts of the world, and to
have the opportunity to know them and their individual styles of working. At the same time there was a Canadian show and a solo show
by a Japanese artist. At least a hundred art connoisseurs, artists and art lovers thronged the gallery. They strolled around taking in the
beautiful show and there were words of appreciation and queries floating around.
On day two, a short visit to the gallery again and a walk in the Chelsea art district area revealed more galleries catering to art old and
From there it was off to try some ethnic food restaurants in the neighborhood. It was indeed surprising to see that most of the patrons
here were not Indian. The food was as good as back home in India!
The Statue Of Liberty was to be the next stop. The ferries were all booked so I missed going up close for a better look and had to be
satisfied with a long distance image and some photographs with a miniscule vision of the statue in the background.
The later part of the evening was spent at the Strand bookstore to browse the huge array of books on art. You name it and they had it!
Once there one encountered a totally cosmopolitan lot of people. On one side there was a group chanting ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’
in their meager kurtas and dhoti in the chilly weather with gusty winds blowing our caps away. On the other side there was a fortune
teller from far off Africa. There she sat, a majestic figure, gazing at something that looked like a crystal glass, foretelling her predictions
to a young hopeful listening intently. There was also a young lady on stilts giving out pamphlets for an upcoming program in town.
All in all it was a memorable experience, but one would have to visit a few more times to get the whole picture. New York is a huge town
thronging with life twenty-four seven!
“You wish that you had your art materials and could paint all that you see”
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