ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
I have lived in small communities in Washington my whole life. Hearing stories about New York, my experience was one
of fascination. The city has a vibration that hit me as soon as I came out on 34th Street from Penn Station. I could feel the
past, present and future of this wonderful city and everyone’s hopes and dreams. I was interested in the real New York,
the small communities and how people lived in this vertical city. I was fortunate to be able to stay with a young family with
two children. I was inspired by the fact that they have the world at their fingertips and so many opportunities at hand just
by stepping out their door. They also have a closeness - each minute spent together is cherished. On the plane, I met a
gentleman who was an engineer and helped build the Twin Towers. He had just laid off two hundred people a couple of
days before the tragedy, and was in a meeting at a building next door and saw it happen. He has never been back to the
site, which I understand; I lost my son on the same day a year after the tragedy, but I had to go and pay my respects. I had
every emotion there: anger, disbelief, and then pride hit me. This city is a symbol to the world, which makes it America. It
is a symbol of everything we as Americans believe in: freedom to express ourselves in so many different ways. I was im-
pressed with the way the city flows so effortlessly, it seems, but in reality everyone works together to make that happen.
From the NYPD to the street clean up crews to the venders, if I needed anything, all I had to do was ask. Thank you to
all the people who made my first experience in New York a great one, from the gentleman who helped me with my first
subway ticket purchase, to the TSA Agent who took her job seriously but smiled beautifully when she saw how long my
name was, and to everyone at Agora Gallery - you gave me my chance to fulfill my dream.
Therese Obergottsberger
“I could feel the past, present and future of this wonderful city”
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