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My exhibition “Degrees of Abstraction” with so many other talented artists was going to be the highlight of a trip to New York I had
been planning with my husband, daughter and friends, for months. We decided to stay at “The Plaza” which was an experience in and
of itself with its ornate architecture, design and ambiance of an era where many great people have stayed. I could have sat in the great
lobby all day staring at the magnificent ceilings… and wow - they must hold so many secrets - if they could only speak about the people
who have walked beneath them, they’d certainly have a story or two to tell!
The night before my exhibition we were thrilled to be able to go to see Letterman. What an experience because on television The
Letterman Show, in what was formerly the old Ed Sullivan theater, appears to be this massive place, but once inside, it’s actually much
smaller, which makes for a much more intimate setting. We found this fascinating, especially the array of lighting, camera, audio /
video equipment which looked chaotic and unorganized, but once the show went “live” the production came together like a fine tuned
orchestra. Dave was sharp, warm and welcoming and as always, I found his quick wit quite entertaining. After the theater was emptied,
we were truly thrilled to be able to go up on stage for a bit of a tour. Then we checked out the old “Green Room” with photos displayed
of many other famous stars from the past. It was truly a walk down history lane. We even had a few minutes for a photo op. My
husband sat in “Dave’s chair” and I guess you could say I was his “guest” sitting in the chair beside him. Very surreal, but what a thrill!
The following night was my opening reception at Agora Gallery. I truly am in awe of these amazing people, who I call my New York
family. They are supportive, articulate and each one top notch in their particular field. In other words, they know their stuff! Their
constant guidance, knowledge and expertise helps all of us as artists to fulfill our dreams, and to be the best we can be. The Agora
team were truly thrilled to see us succeed and just as thrilled to be of service to not only artists, but the other end of the spectrum
of designers, and professionals who may be in need of the many services that they provide. It’s all a win-win situation, and, from my
exhibit in New York, I will take away a renewed perspective on how I will portray my appreciation for this experience in my work. My
experience has been life-changing, and New York cannot help but be a part of that influence. Agora Gallery, your product is art, your
strength is your people! Many thanks!
“I could have sat in the great lobby all day staring at the magnificent ceilings.”
Wendy Carmichael Bauld
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