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Infinity 1 Oil on Panel 36” x 36”
nne-Marie Crosby
says that the world in her paintings is “real
enough so that the viewer recognizes what he is looking at and
impressionistic enough to feed my soul.” Crosby’s landscapes are
dominated by skies in an astonishing array of colors. Each sky is a mix
of shades that she orchestrates to create a feeling of depth, air and
space. The wispiness of clouds, the subtleties of light playing across the
horizon and the areas that seem to recede into the distance all come
vividly to life.
Working mostly in oils on panel, Crosby uses the intensity of oil paints
with a sure hand. But she says that formal effort alone cannot explain
her technique, which she calls “as unconsciously accomplished when I
work as is breathing.”
Anne-Marie Crosby
ustralian photographer
Julie Fletcher
captures the exquisite essence
of nature through her electrically-colored photographs. Allowing her
innate sense of adventure to direct her to her subjects, Fletcher follows
her spirit throughout all the corners of Australia in order to create her
vivid, arrestingly evocative landscape photographs. Saturated, glowing
colors permeate these works, with the dynamic energy of the wild
made palpable and alluring. Using a digital camera, low light and long
exposures, Fletcher creates her masterpieces out of a deeply reverent
respect for nature. “My passion for photography centers on my love for
Australia, adventure and the great outdoors,” she explains.
Julie Fletcher has been a professional photographer for many years and
currently works as a Getty Images photographer. She has exhibited her
artistic photographs throughout her native Australia, where she currently
lives and works.
Milky Way Photograph on Glossy Paper 12” x 20”
Julie Fletcher
erry Anderson
’s arresting acrylic paintings meld the intimate and the
majestic to create images that are more vision than reality. Anderson
pares down sweeping desert landscapes and monumental figure
studies to a few graphic contours and primary colors, with a flattened
perspective and an expertly balanced composition of warm and cool.
His unique spiritual atmosphere, at once endearing and grand, comes
from his personal approach of combining what he calls “female and
masculine energies — the female through curvilinear and flowing forms
and the male through bold colors and strong contrasts.” In this way he
creates a peak that arcs like a woman’s back, and a figure that bestrides
the world like a colossus.
Anderson lives in northern California. His work has been exhibited across
the United States and in Europe.
Jerry Anderson
Shifting Sands Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 36”
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