ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
he portrait and figurative paintings of
Tricia Kaman
are strong
in detail and rich in emotive expression. Working directly from
live models, Kaman has developed an artistic process by which she
gathers information via an “unspoken dialog” between painter and
subject. In this way, she is able to glean glimpses of that person’s soul,
resulting in paintings that capture the unique personal, physical, and
spiritual qualities inherent in every human.
Compositional elements add emotional depth to Kaman’s renderings
of the figure. She is masterful at using light and shadow to create
ambience and expressionistic appeal. Above all, Kaman is able to
capture beauty and elegance, using the dimensions of the physical
body – a choice made all the more powerful and complex by the
strong energy that emanates from each subject. As she explains,
“Working with living models adds a sacred dimension to my painting.
It allows me to witness the beauty of the human form and the divine
element of the human soul.”
Tricia Kaman’s work has won awards in both national and international
competitions, and has been featured in major art publications. She
also served for eight years as the Ohio Ambassador for the Portrait
Society of America.
Brenda’s Miraculous Medal Oil on Canvas 48” x 36”
Tricia Kaman
ukihiro Murai
’s surreal and otherworldly aesthetic results from
a confluence of formative influences, including Renaissance
paintings, traditional Japanese art, and contemporary Manga comics.
His imagery therefore maintains a historical tenor while also being very
modern, juxtaposing signs of divergent periods such as calligraphy and
neon light lettering, mythical creatures with cartoon-like characters,
and works in monochrome tones with others that ripple in glowing,
saturated hues.
Through his dazzling compositions, Murai taps into a very powerful and
evocative modern notion of being simultaneously in the past, present
and future, of feeling the influence of history all the while hurtling into
the unknown. His enigmatic digital prints are typically structured around
a central figure surrounded by secondary forms and constellation-like
patterns of jewels, eyes, leaves and flowers. This rich, information-filled
imagery fuses such temporally and culturally disjointed elements into
complex and endlessly fascinating works whose incredible levels of
detail add immeasurably to their immediate appeal. He creates works
that are both playful and engaging by bringing the irreverent humor of
Pop art into dialogue with the mysticism of traditional calligraphy. The
densely packed and precisely rendered layers of visual information in
Murai’s prints offer an immersive and unpredictable journey through
bosats Digital Print on Metallic Paper 14.5” x 10”
Yukihiro Murai
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