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n her mixed media paintings, Australian, Taiwanese-born
seeks beauty in a variety of subjects, from
female forms, animals, and landscapes, to more abstract
compositional elements. Using, ink, oils, pencils, and
a variety of other materials, she traces the beauty of the
physical while capturing the wildness and rawness of the
internal human experience.
For Zoë, painting is a fusion of paint, canvas, and mental
imagery, enabling the creation of another elevated reality
as she allows the image to evolve as it may. Completed in
a single sitting, these paintings contain a freshness and
immediacy not often seen in the fine art world, as well as
a vibrant life force that erupts from the canvas. Colors are
muted and highly emotive, highlighting an implicit tension
between geometrical and organic shapes and forms.
Alongside her painting, Zoë also writes poetry which both
echoes and inspires her visual work, composing at night in
that mystical and subliminal time between wakefulness and
sleep. For Zoë, her paintings and writings spontaneously
express themselves across the page and the canvas, evoking
the deep internal mysteries of the human spirit. “For me, art
is a process whereby some kind of magic takes place. The
canvas is my confessional, a waking dream where I am able
to both create and experience my state of reality at the same
time… It is something that comes from very deep inside me.”
Based in Sydney, Australia, where she also works as
an attorney, Zoë is a rising art star, both locally and
internationally. She has had several solo exhibitions (see
page 93 for a photo of her solo Sydney exhibition this
year) and her paintings form part of private and corporate
collections throughout Australia and Malaysia. She was
the selected artist of 2013 for the annual “Artist Series” by
Malaysian fashion designers Shen-Tel and Sereni, and her paintings were reproduced on exclusive design textiles. Her
work will be at Agora Gallery from October 29 to November 19, with the opening reception on November 7. 
Don’t Hide the Madness, Follow Your Inner Moonlight
Oil on Canvas 30” x 40”
Delicate Mixed Media on Canvas 40” x 30”
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