ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
he playful spirit of
Neema Lal
’s art comes alive in a lively dance of
color, as figures, spirals, and geometric designs emerge fromwithin
a raucous explosion of pigment and mark. As she paints, Lal develops a
fluid spontaneity in her abstractions, fueled by an expressive freedom
and vitality. These vibrantly rich and meditative works draw inspiration
from Indian culture, Picasso, and Danish abstract artists, expressing
the limitless possibilities and wonder of existence. The artist builds
her works in a variety of mediums, combining acrylic paints, collage,
and mixed media on canvas with an intuitive and looping motion.
Born in the Himalayan mountains and raised in a desert region, Lal
now lives in Gurgaon , India, receiving widespread exposure for her
art as she exhibits throughout India and Europe, and more recently
Acrylic & Collage on Canvas
39” x 23”
Neema Lal
icheline De Oliveira
’s ethereal acrylic and mixed media work
diffuses color, light, and form to create abstracts that dare the
viewer to define their content. De Oliveira’s colors are alternately
dabbed, scraped, or allowed to blossom softly across the canvas,
resembling anything from a rain-streaked window to a colossal
nebula. Forms are organic and spontaneous; the palette follows the
logic of natural light. The paintings could depict images, emotions,
energy, events — their tonal combinations are infinitely complicated.
De Oliveira’s skill is to capture so much that we recognize as truth, yet
still allow for wonder and mystery.
De Oliveira was born in Luxembourg, where she continues to live and
work today. She appreciates both the making and viewing of art as an
antidote to stress.
Acrylic & Collage on Canvas 31.5” x 24”
Micheline De Oliveira
arty Maehr
works in oils on canvas, and his style makes the
most of the richness of color and subtlety of shade and tone
that the medium provides. “My hope,” he says, “is to find a true blue, a
deep red, a heartfelt orange.” In Maehr’s paintings, all of those shades
appear, infused with light in a way that brings stained-glass windows
to mind. But his free sense of line and dynamic sense of movement
take his images into another realm.
While each image has its basis in the real world — a bird, a tree,
a wellspring — Maehr transforms each subject, breaking it up into
separate areas of color. The resulting works communicate the artist’s
ties to the natural world and illustrate his distinctive sense of form,
hue and composition.
Free Spirit Rooster
Oil on Canvas 48” x 24”
Marty Maehr
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