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Jean Louis Pauly
rench artist
Jean Louis Pauly
creates sublime, moving landscapes
that are at once figurative in scope
yet bordering on the surreal. Using a
distinct combination of powerful lines,
mystical light, and transparent color,
Pauly transforms recognizable Parisian
monuments and everyday terrains
into something quite extraordinary.
By employing a unique range of
techniques and mediums, he breathes
life into his subjects, creating a vision
and ambiance that is entirely new. What
results are images characterized by
juxtapositions, strong impressionistic
elements, and experiential vibrancy.
Born in the countryside in the South of
France, Pauly has long been entranced
and inspired, like masters such as
Cezanne, Picasso, and Dali before
him, by magical light and powerful
color. He is attracted to both natural
and manmade subjects around which
he mixes elements of the strange
and surreal. Often one finds scenes
centered around a monument of Paris
painted almost transparently on a
colorful foreground.
In his work, the artist has developed
an innovative process that allows him
to stage subjects, colors, and materials
in unusual and intriguing ways. Central
to his style is the creation of strong
contrasts between colors, lines and
formto create a compelling impression.
He has also developed a transparent
glazing technique applied with a knife
to add atmosphere and depth to each
image. The inclusion of new mediums
such as crayon in his acrylic on canvas
pieces creates complexity and interest
within familiar forms.
In each painting, Pauly works to
move away from his original subject
in an effort to escape the strictly
figurative and transform the image
into something that is much more. In
his works, the viewer is invited into “a
maze of color, depth, transparency, and
movement.” Within each piece there
exists an imaginative space, where a
little bit of the magical can be found in
the real.
Le Mont St Michel Acrylic & Crayon on Canvas 8” x 16”
L’arc de Triomphe au Printemps Acrylic & Crayon on Canvas 12” x 24”
Le Sacré Cœur Acrylic on Canvas 16” x 31.5”
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