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Untitled 125
Mixed Media on Canvas 28” x 20”
raham McBride
’s paintings bridge the worlds of representation
and abstraction. “I am particularly interested in the idea of place,”
he says, “and in the different ways it is created and conceived.” His
images successfully capture the essence of the places they depict, but
the artist’s approach moves from the world of depiction and into the
realm of pure form and hue.
McBride has an exceptional eye for color. His palette runs a wide range
— from the subtle tones he finds in oil paints to the vividness he draws
from acrylics. And while his lines and brushstrokes have an appealing
sense of freedom, he successfully incorporates that freedom into
carefully controlled compositions. “I engage with concepts of balance
in its many guises,” he notes. “What we see and what we can imagine.”
plein air
painter who takes full advantage of the astounding terrain
of her native Australia,
Sylvia Ditchburn
’s paintings capture the
landscape at its most glowing. Ditchburn is interested in views both
large and small: the shades of red in a range of desert rock formations,
and every wrinkle on a single palm tree trunk, blowing in the wind.
With a vivid palette and quick, decisive brushstrokes, each part of
nature is whipped into life. Ditchburn’s work shows the vitality and
personality that exists in the land without any relation to humans. It is
not ornamental or functional, but moving to its own rhythm.
Ditchburn currently lives in tropical North Queensland and considers
her passion for nature a motivational force in her work. She works in
acrylic and gouache.
Tropical Pandanus
Giclee Print on Canvas 31.5” x 25.2”
Sylvia Ditchburn PhD
Turkana Girl With Fish Oil on Canvas 18” x 18”
art intimate portraiture, part living document of the people of
the Omo River and Lake Turkana basin,
Gaby Hahn
’s paintings
are vibrant, sensitive studies of a little-known region. Hahn paints the
cultures of southern Ethiopia, northern Kenya, and Sudan with an eye
finely tuned to ritual and social structure. Her work is straightforward
in presentation — tightly framed groups of people, use of the classic
bust format, emphasis on shape and line — but her expert use of detail
grounds the work in its unique setting. Hahn is careful to include details
of dress, objects, and most importantly, the beauty of the landscape; the
most prominent player in these pastoralist societies.
Gaby Hahn splits her time between California and Kenya. She works in
both acrylic and oil and all the proceeds from the sale of her artwork
benefit the Mugie school, based on the ranch she and her husband own
in Kenya.
Gaby Hahn
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