ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
slouchy, cool-girl shorts that were all over the New York runways this season are perfect for every girl who never felt like
she could pull off those cheek-baring cutoffs so beloved on every social media site. They’re ultra chic, gallery and museum-
friendly, and flattering; seriously, what’s not to love? For male gallery-goers, choose your favorite color out of the 64-pack
of Crayola crayons and wear it – vibrant neons and loud colors are a huge hit this season and never seem to disappoint.
Wearing bold colors allows you to light up the art scene, creating an inviting aura around yourself to seem approachable.
If you really hate suits, wearing something you feel
comfortable in, which looks both modish and stylish,
is also perfect for the occasion.
However, the most important thing in creating
a statement for yourself in the art world is your
personality and interaction with potential buyers.
Here, you would want to wear something that makes
YOU feel good. It is more then okay to buy a new
outfit for an opening – something that expresses
your unique style and relates to your own artwork
in some way. Allow yourself to appear approachable
by making your wardrobe inspiring and attention
grabbing with its modern aesthetic. Remember,
fashion and art intersect, and play a huge role in our
daily lives. Fashion, like art, is forever changing and
timeless, and celebrates youth and diversity. Dressing
for a gallery and/or museum opening is only limited
by the depth of your imagination. Peace, love, art,
and fashion.
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