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Do you know what fascinated me most about Charlotte on Sex and the City? The fact that she was the director of a
gallery, and knew exactly how to dress for it. Her style wasn’t over the top, however; she played around with different
colors and textures just like a painter does. Her sophistication and love for the arts showed true to her personality and
throughout her outfit choices. If you’re an artist preparing to spend the evening at a Chelsea reception, whether your
own or someone else’s, or gallery hopping from one to another, this is something to bear in mind.
Alexander McQueen was known to have said that his clothing was an “expression of his emotional life without regard to
the person who was wearing it.” The most fashion-active time of year has finally arrived. New York offers an endless survey
of traditional, modern and contemporary
exhibitions in its lively gallery scene,
especially throughout the spring season.
The Thursday night crowd can come and
finally enjoy the fabulous weather, a glass
of wine – and of course, art.
It’s officially that time of year again – the
time of year to put away the pea-coats
and knee-high boots, and pull out the
wedged sandals and sunglasses. As the
gallery scene in Chelsea continues to
prosper, so does the eclectic fashion and
style that come along with it. However, if
you’re not on top of your trend forecasting
this season, I’m here to help.
Coco Chanel decreed, “Wear metallic
shoes – they function like neutrals, but are more interesting than black.” When it comes to the art world, this quote surely
rings true in what to wear and what not to wear to a gallery or museum opening. The art world is a creative environment
that bleeds emotion and expression, so it’s important to reflect your surroundings by looking like a walking piece of art.
New York Fashion Week saw a lot of metallic-finish fabrics used as accents or for entire outfits. Michael Kors is at the
forefront when it comes to incorporating metal accessories to dresses, his focus being on belts. You can pair a belt with a
dress or flowy silk blouse, and what you get in the end is a powerful and funky look.
One plus about the art world scene is
that every trend is different. Explore flea
markets, vintage and thrift shops, as well
as your mother and grandmother’s attic
and jewelry boxes. Have a go-to Little
Black Dress, as it can be both dressed up
and down. But, maybe the simple LBD
is a little too cliché for your style. So,
what do you wear then to an art gallery
or museum opening?  Simple. You can
wear a variation on the little black dress
theme. This season, color blocking is a
huge trend on the fashion forefront, and
perfect for an opening.
As the well-known “sack dress” evolved
in the 1960’s, Yves Saint Laurent realized
that the form of the dress was ideal for color blocking. Knowing the flat planes of the 1960’s canvases achieved by
contemporary artist Mondrian, Saint Laurent made history in creating this artist-inspired piece of fashion.
If you’re a fan of artist Keith Haring, take a walk on the graphic side, as modesty is gone for both women and men. The
by Marissa Mule
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