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Gerd Rautert
erman artist
Gerd Rautert
works with acrylic and ink on canvas, board, and paper to create self-reflective, expressionistic
works that explore both the complexity of the human experience and the underlying sense of unity and wholeness
that underscores every aspect of life. A strong sense of line dominates each piece, as Rautert combines figurative and
abstract elements for a compelling emotive effect. The human face is a central theme, more primitively than figuratively
rendered, and often juxtaposed against strong geometric forms. Colors are muted and harmonic, infusing a sense of
balance and synchronicity within each piece. Words are incorporated freely as compositional elements, symbolic of the
ever-present dialogue that exists both with God and the innermost layers of self.
A great source of inspiration for Rautert’s art is love: the search for love, the loss of love, and ultimately its realization. Yet
for Rautert, the greatest meaning and significance of his paintings involves his search for self, the journey toward exploring
and understanding those inexplicable mysteries that lie within. It is here that he is able to expand his awareness, both of
the self and also of the greater context of the universe. As he explains, “Art is my mirror; the work is a part of me.”
Within this process of searching for greater comprehension of the mysteries of the soul, a search for greater communion
with God emerges as a parallel theme. Rautert’s figurative subjects are depicted within various phases of this search for
both God and self, whether in deep contemplation or in the throes of greatest longing. This creates an inevitable tension in
Rautert’s work, which is naturally balanced with the higher purpose of the quest: to attain the most sacred of knowledge.
Not surprisingly, for Rautert there is a strong spiritual component to his artistic process, where a dialogue with God and
pure intuition come into play on both a conscious and subconscious level. He says, “I feel closer to myself and to God when
I paint. My energy is concentrated, a dialogue with myself created. I react with colors, lines, the movement, the smell, the
feeling. I am closeness and warmth, and I perceive myself while painting as almost home.”
Gerd Rautert currently lives and works in Flonheim, a small town in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Kelchmuster Mixed Media on Canvas 59” x 75”
A great
source of
for Rautert’s
art is love:
the search for
love, the loss
of love, and
ultimately its
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